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3 No Trump - MasterWorks


Theater Works Live, Peoria, AZ
8355 W Peoria Ave 85345 Peoria United States
World Premiere Play by Cathy Dresbach
Fresh from a successful workshop in last year’s New Works, Westival, 3 No Trump Is a comedy about cards and enduring friendship, the Ladies of the Club have met every other Thursday to play cards, chat, eat, drink and laugh. Sometimes they cry, and then laugh some more. They seek the answers to life’s great questions: What’s the response to a 2-club opening bid? Why can’t the Phoenix Suns make the playoffs? Who is the evil genius that invented pantyhose? Told with humor and heart, 3 No Trump is the story of ordinary women with an extraordinary devotion to each other and the game of Bridge. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely intentional. A charming new play by one the Valley’s leading theatrical talents!

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