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Natural Magick 101 with Tanja


Tanja's Natural Magick LLC
8987 W Olive Ave, # 119 85345 Peoria United States
Natural Magick 101 is not a religion course, but rather an impowerment course that will introduce Air, Earth, Fire and Water to attendees. You will learn about stones and crystal, herbs and oils, and the basics of Natural Magick for your own personal understanding. Here is a class that delves into all of our ancient traditions and how to utilize the elements in coping and manifesting in todays world. Class is four weeks, and is the first in the Natural Magick series with Tanja. Cost is $110.00 per person and includes the ingredients to create your own Elemental Magick Charm. This class is a prerequisite for Natural Magick 2.0 and 3.0.