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Ritual Fan-Making with Kathy Twohawks


Tanja's Natural Magick LLC
8987 W Olive Ave, # 119 85345 Peoria United States
Join Kathy Twohawks as she guides you in making your own ritual Feather Fan. The Feathered Fan is a must have for directed smoke and energy! This class will give you the opportunity to create your own individual Feathered Fan! Cost of class is $25, plus the cost of Feathers: $45 for Winged Wrap, $30 for three Feather Wrap, and $15 for one feather wrap. When signing up, please state which wrap you would like so we can ensure the proper amount of feathers/leather. Beads will be sold on site at the time of class for minimal amounts, and you are welcome to bring your own beads. Please RSVP by June 1st with order. Ritual Fans will be blessed at the end of class. No late RSVP's accepted due to the need to order merchandise.